​Magicians & Jugglers


This dynamic duo will bring the wow factor and comedy to every show!
         DeeDee will have the kids laughing and begging to be volunteers!
She has over 26 years of entertaining experience!


Dale is a crowd favorite with his close up magic! Unlike DeeDee, he doesn't  talk much BUT his magic speaks volume! Watch closely, you wouldn't want to miss anything!

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​Have Magicians & Jugglers from the Big Top perform at your Kid's Night or any special event

  • Offer something different for your guest
  • ​Generate more business
  • Make the kid's experience memorable
  • ​Leave them longing to come back for more

​Oboe The "Juggling" Hobo

​Ziggy the Clown
​Ziggy the Clown is ready to share with you her juggling journey! She will put on a funny show with her hilarious partner Oboe the "juggling" Hobo that sometimes includes audience participation. She is also known for helping kids learn to juggle.   
​DeeDee the Juggler
​Not only will she amaze you with a magic performance,
Dee-Dee is pretty amazing at juggling as well!
She will he pictures posted soon.

​Healing through juggling......

​Ziggy the Clown has overcome several medical issues including several strokes. She uses juggling as a form of therapy and healing. It's great stress relief and really good for eye and hand coordination. Not to mention the comedy routine Ziggy and Oboe perform ALWAYS has the crowd laughing with excitement!
​(*Jugglers with Ziggy's Big Top are not always dressed as clowns)

​Partner Juggling